Shipping & Returns Information

Products for sale on this website will only be shipped to locations in the state of Indiana.

Shipping FYI: Products may reach you in one or more ways.

  • Some items can be shipped directly to you from our vendors, located in IN, KY, OH & TX, U.S.A. These are the same places we would buy items for use in our clinic. The first time we ship to you in this manner, an extra day will be added to shipping due to the process of adding your shipping address with our vendor. Orders arriving this way will be addressed to Dr. Scott Thompson, DVM c/o Your Name & Address. NOTE: Horse owners may opt to have items delivered to their boarding stable. Please advise your barn manager to expect the package.
  • Some items will be shipped directly to you from the clinic via US Mail.
  • Occasionally, we may be driving by anyway… so we might drop off your order to you. No fair saying, “Oh, by the way, while you’re here…”
  • Please don’t ask to pick up your order at the clinic. It may not seem to make sense, but it is not a service we offer at this time. We will consider adding customer pick-up as an option in the future.


We do not accept product returns or exchanges on medications.

In some cases, there is a manufacturer’s product guarantee that will enable us to refund the cost or replace the product.